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The Novel |


Lead singer David “Big D” Jenneson wrote the story of the Burner Boys, a book of Creative Non-Fiction called A Band is a Beautiful Thing Dave had three other books published before his sad and untimely death in 2009. But Seriously is a collection of his internationally published columns of observational wit. Night of the Realtors was his first high concept novel about a realtor who sells the White House and The Helping Hands Of Christmas is a short novella about 12 small helping hands that fly into his home one Christmas – hilarity ensues!  The first two are available on in Canada or in the U.S. Helping Hands Of Christmas is currently out of print.

A Band is a Beautiful Thing is not only the story of the Burner Boys, but what has become a distant time – when the idealism of the 1960’s collided with the hedonism and repression of the 1970’s. It was the last gasp of the 1950’s old guard establishment. Drugs like LSD, MDA, methadrine, marijuana, peyote, and a hundred others were freely available yet possession of a gram of hash could get you two years in Federal prison. People were beaten by mounted riot police for smoking a joint in public.

The homeless were arrested for vagrancy and thrown on an outbound Greyhound with a one way ticket. A relatively minor charge could literally get you sent into internal exile – banned from the province for a year. Feminism and the environmental movement were still a twinkle in God’s eye and mounted riot police attacked a crowd in the Gastown Riot.

It is widely believed that the Burner Boys still secretly perform in a basement in Lynn Valley, perfecting new original songs for their return. Perhaps this is so. It is said that late at night when everything is closed, as busses and cabs hiss up and down Lonsdale in the rain, you can still hear the ghostly whine of the orange Burner Boy van. There have been sightings. Classics like Greaseball Heaven and I Deliver Chicken may capture the heart of another generation. Are the Burner Boys returning?

You can read the new WordPress themed version of the novel A Band Is A Beautiful Thing here on the Burner Boys web site.



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